Monday, June 15, 2009

Tips for Better Productivity

Don’t rely on deadlines. Start soon and complete asap. have a clear vision or plan on your work.

Less Stress - More Work
If you have your 9-6 work, you have 15 hours for your life to have fun and spend time with family.

Minimize OverNight Work
The quality of work will be less compared to day.
More prone to bugs, High pressure and frustration.

Red Rabbit Technique:
If you get constant comments from the clients or the Boss
That looks great, but can you please make that line a bit thinner
Why did you choose 24px Verdana for headline? I think 25px will do much better
That green you picked is too green. Is there a way you can change it to something more yellow?
I love those icons very much. Can you move them 2px up? And make them 2% brighter

First you need do create the design in the way you think is the best. Move it around, polish it, use the fonts you like… Create whatever you think the final design should look like. Save your masterpiece and backup it.

It’s time for Red Rabbit! Basically, what you need to do now is to decrease the quality of your design. Create one simple eye catching mistake everyone will notice. Something like the sample I’ve provided above. You can do practically everything you wouldn’t do for real. Here are some ideas:
Destroy your color scheme. Add a strong color that is out of any harmony from your layout

Change your headline font to some old-school one like Times New Roman (this might be to obvious)

Replace your cool photo you’ve spent 3 days to find with something you found on Google Image Search