Thursday, July 23, 2009

Windows Live Sync

Windows Live Sync (formerly known as Windows Live Folder Share) is a free-to-use file synchronization application by Microsoft that is designed to allow files and folders between two or more computers be in sync with each other on Windows (XP and later) and Mac OS X based computers, similar to Live Mesh's data synchronization services.

(Note:Source WiKi)

It sounds a good Sync up tool for those who uses more than one machine or two different OS.
You don’t have to worry about copying the files manually (to and fro).
Its a free tool make use of it.


Once setup is complete you can visit the site by clicking the sync website from the icon in
the taskbar.

  • You should have a live account
  • Internet to get things sync up
  • 20k files max in the Root folder(little low this has been increased from 10k)
  • Each file max of 4GB size
  • Max of 20 Root shares
  • Integration with the Recycle Bin
  • Remote access to file system of your system.

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